Freedom is looking for missional partners not church members.

Membership, whether to a gym or a country club, often implies privilege without responsibility. You can enjoy the amenities with little to no commitment.

Partnership, on the other hand, implies ownership. Partners roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Partners invest their time, talent, and treasures to further the mission.

We use “partnership” instead of “membership” because it signifies that joining our church isn’t the goal — active participation in the mission that God has called this church family to in our city and world is our main goal. As disciples of Jesus, we are not called to simply “go to church”. Instead, we are called to partner together in the mission of “being the church”.

How do I become a Partner?

Upon approval, the applicant will be commissioned!

Step 1:

Complete the Partners Application

Step 2:

Interview with a pastor or elder

Step 3:

Elder Recommendation